great piece of turf you've got there

great piece of turf you've got there


In the fall of 2015, Katie Gu messaged Madelyne Xiao on Facebook and asked if she'd be interested in collaborating on the launch and publication of a new literary journal at Stanford. Madelyne, of course, agreed. In the coming months, other staff members joined, including current editors Abigail Schott-Rosenfield and Spencer Slovic. All the while, they wrestled with the name of their newborn venture -- it was, at various times, "Resin," "ALTO," and "The Little Lake Review." 

Then, someone interned at McSweeney's for a summer. There,
the naming problem was broached to editor Jordan Bass. 

"We want something tree-themed," he was told, "where trees are an inspiration but not a restriction." Without a moment's hesitation, he snapped his fingers and said,
"Ah!  T O P I A R Y !"

And that's how this all happened. But art is not, after all, mere ornamental shrubbery. Topiary, as we decided in the ensuing months, takes landscape design far beyond the decorative.

It's a topos, a topology, an entirely new world!
Pick up a pair of shears and join.