Polishing machine formed by two-wheeled carriage,  Atlantic Codex, Leonardo da Vinci.

Polishing machine formed by two-wheeled carriage, Atlantic Codex, Leonardo da Vinci.

Calling all polymaths. 

Topiary wants to see your writing -- also, your proofs, figures, schematics, compositions, back-of-envelope calculations, and impeccably LaTeXed papers. Today, we celebrate the jack (and master)-of-all-trades. 

We want to give writing and math and the sciences their due, and each in its own right. By this, we mean that:

  • "science/math writing" (i.e., writing that elucidates a scientific/mathematical concept to a non-specialist audience) should be scientifically rigorous without sacrificing clarity or style;
  • "academic writing" (i.e. as above, for a specialist audience) should do the same; 
  • "literary writing" might have some special twist to it -- whether it's prose that proves Pascal's theorem in the course of its narrative, a poem that somehow incorporates the Fibonacci sequence in its meter, or something else of that ilk; and
  • "figures and schematics" are, in some way, nice to look at, but also make anatomical/mechanical/mathematical sense.

You should note that our preferences are, confusingly, to the last three bullet points (I realized that our least-preferred item should've been last in our list, logically, but by then it was too late) because there are plenty of places that do the first splendidly, and so we don't want to encroach.